For those in our residential program, we offer an intensive Family Program because addiction affects the lives of all those around us.

The Walker Center’s Family Program is designed to help the family and concerned others understand addiction, the ways that addiction has impacted their lives and to develop alternative coping strategies for the future. The Walker Center understands that family or sober support is crucial, as we believe that addiction is a family disease and affects the whole family.

Clients are encouraged to invite family or sober support to the family program.  Our Family Program provides families an opportunity to communicate and begin healing in a safe, therapeutic environment provided by educational groups and group process.

The Family Program occurs Tuesday and Wednesday every two weeks.  In this process counselors provide teaching, modeling, and coaching dealing with the disease concept of addiction, codependency and family roles; communication exercises to enhance and rebuild relationships; and coping strategies for leaving this phase of treatment. We begin to address motivation and action needed to bring about change.

Many clients and family members alike have commented on the value of this part of our program — and how important it was in helping to heal some of the wounds that addiction has brought into their relationships.