The Walker Center believes the following are true about alcoholism and drug addiction:

It is a primary, progressive and fatal illness that can be successfully treated and individuals and their families can recover to live responsible, productive lifestyles.

Our approach treats addiction, whether to alcohol or other drugs, as a medical illness. This is a devastating illness, but one from which many have and do recover. In fact, recovery from addiction is a process much like the fact that heart disease or diabetes must be embraced by accepting personal responsibility to treat the illness on a regular basis. For those who do that, the odds are heavily weighted in their favor so they won’t continue to experience the negative aspects of such diseases.

We use a number of different treatment modalities to help clients build the foundation for lasting recovery. Group counseling is the preferred method in helping clients get a clearer, more realistic picture of how addiction has impacted their lives and the lives of those around them. Group counseling also helps clients discover that they are not alone — not the only one whose use of alcohol and/or drugs has wreaked havoc… at home… at work… in their relationships with others… in their personal finances… in their health and within their own personal value system.

The formula for recovery includes primary treatment with a Family Program, 12 Step group involvement with a sponsor while working the steps of the recovery program, and strong continuation of care as needed.